Undergraduate Research Resources

How to...

...choose a topic and find a faculty mentor.

...design a project and write a research proposal.

...design and present a research poster.

University Research Compliance

Responsible Conduct of Research

These web pages provide condensed information on the nine core areas that PHS has determined to be significant in conducting responsible research and ensuring integrity of the research record. Other pages include helpful links to organizational and governmental sites. The training page offers excellent training materials in research ethics and the responsible conduct of research. The web pages for activities involving human subjects and animal models also offer similar training opportunities. The training materials encourage investigators and students to think critically about what it means to be an ethical researcher. 


A safe and healthful environment is the product of responsible institutional leadership. National codes of practice foster and promote good institutional leadership in biosafety. We feel these Biosafety Web pages are a helpful reference and guide to the university community, which accepts responsibility for complying with sound biosafety practices, university policies, and governmental regulations.

Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Office assists other campus clients who are authorized by the office to conduct activities involving radioactive materials and/or use machines which produce ionizing radiation by (among other things):
  • Helping to ensure the safety of our clients, other campus personnel, and the general public
  • Providing guidance to our clients on how to accomplish their research goals while adhering to federal and state regulations

Laser Safety

OSU policy requires faculty, staff, students, post docs, visiting scientists, or other personnel planning to use Class 3b and/or Class 4 lasers to obtain prior approval from OSU’s Laser Safety Officer. Training and laboratory inspections are prerequisites to this approval. Laboratory inspections are conducted by OSU’s Laser Safety Officer.

Conflict of Interest

Objectivity in the conduct of research, the freedom to disseminate ideas through publication of research results, the protection of the rights and interests of research participants, maintenance of public trust, and the ability to ensure that our responsibility to our students and trainees is not compromised are critical to these institutional values. Relationships with industry and other outside entities, while important to the support and advancement of research, can present special challenges in protecting these institutional values.


All research, teaching, and testing activities involving live, vertebrate animals must be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Information provided on this site is designed to help you gain that approval.

This web site is provided by the Office of Research Compliance to assist OSU faculty, staff and students involved in research using human subjects in meeting the basic requirements and procedures that arise from these ethical principles and the resulting regulations.