Building Bridges to the Next Generation in Thought: An Argument for Undergraduate Inquiry at OSU

About the Office

Scholar Development prepares students for the future whether in competition for prestigious national and international scholarships, admission to top graduate schools, securing highly competitive jobs or attaining the skills required to grow as a leader.  We enhance undergraduate experiences by encouraging student-faculty mentoring, supporting undergraduate research, providing engaging study abroad courses and assisting students applying for highly-selective awards and honors.

Mission | Undergraduate Research

Our office’s mission is to expand and enhance student-faculty research partnerships across all disciplines at OSU. We understand that students who graduate without research experience have not taken full advantage of all that a comprehensive research university has to offer, so OSU leads the way in supporting undergraduate research in all fields of study. Our students who engage in undergraduate research often find their experience to be invaluable in choosing a career path, improving their likelihood of success in the workforce and in applying for graduate school.

Freshman Research Scholars

For some students, their undergraduate research experience at OSU begins with our award-winning Freshman Research Scholars Program, funded by the Robberson Trust. Sixty incoming freshmen across all six undergraduate colleges extend their education beyond the classroom by engaging in cutting-edge research under the guidance of innovative faculty members. Students who complete the program not only receive a $1,000 scholarship, but are also well prepared to apply for further research funding offered through our office.

Diversity Figure: 67% of the 2015-16 Freshman Research Scholars are female.

Wentz Research Grants

For sophomores, juniors, and seniors, our office, in partnership with the Lew Wentz Foundation, provides up to forty $4,500 Wentz Research Grants to accomplished undergraduates who have written a compelling research proposal under the mentorship of an OSU faculty member.


Outreach, Communications and Recruitment

Our office is a visible presence at most university-level recruitment events, which provides our staff and student ambassadors an opportunity to connect with prospective students and discuss undergraduate research at OSU.  We also maintain a lively social media presence and host numerous campus events for current students, faculty and graduate students.

Scholar Development Ambassadors

The Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research Ambassadors are a group of students with experience in the Office’s programs who assist the staff in recruiting incoming and current OSU students for major scholarship preparation, undergraduate research, and travel programs. The Ambassadors contribute to a variety of events for the Office and serve as liaisons between the Office and its distinguished visitors. They represent the achievements of the Office of Scholar Development, as well as its current students and alumni.

Concurrent Course | Introduction to Academic Research

Introduction to Academic Research provides an overview of essential concepts and skills needed for success in navigating the information landscape of the academic world. This course will enable students to locate, access, utilize, evaluate, organize, create, and present information effectively for any need, while increasing an understanding of the research styles, requirements, and results integral to a variety of academic disciplines.  The first offering will be Spring 2016.

Mentoring Workshops

In an effort to improve the quality of mentorship of students involved in undergraduate research experiences at Oklahoma State University, The Henry Bellmon Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research offers a holistic workshop series to provide guidance to faculty and graduate students mentoring or planning to mentor students.  In the future, our office envisions working with the Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ITLE) to develop a formal training program in mentorship for all OSU faculty and graduate students that would result in certification, pending approval of the Instruction Council.