Freshman Research Scholar and Wentz Research Scholar Poster Printing Services

**NOTE: We are now ONLY able to print posters for current Freshman Research Scholars or Wentz Research Scholars presenting at Undergraduate Research Symposiums sponsored by the Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research. We do not have the resources to offer poster printing to anyone else at this time. 

*If you are not one of our scholars, we recommend visiting FedEx located in the Student Union basement. They offer a significant discount for academic poster printing services. 

How to Print a Poster

  • You can bring your poster to us saved on a USB drive as a PDF and properly sized
  • Poster should be formatted for appropriate size before you bring it.
  • Files must be saved in Adobe PDF format.
  • Payment accepted as cash or check only. No Bursar, credit card or departmental charges accepted.
  • Payment is due at the time of printing and reprints will incur additional charges.
  • Poster printing costs $20 per poster, and is only available for Freshman Research Scholars and Wentz Research Scholars.