Cambridge Scholars Program


Cambridge Scholars Program
Hosted at Magdalene College, Cambridge University 

For over 25 years, Scholar Development has prepared students for the future, whether in competition for prestigious national/international scholarships, admission to top graduate schools, securing highly competitive jobs, or attaining the skills required to grow as a leader.  The past has taught us that a diverse range of programs, targeted to a wide range of majors, year classifications, and interests, has been the most successful way to elevate a large number of students’ educational experience. 

One of our most successful programs to play a role in achieving each of our aims has been the Cambridge Scholars program.  This two-week summer program brings up to 22 of OSU’s top students to the University of Cambridge for a special short course taught by OSU faculty.  One of the most significant factors to the program is its substantial scholarship support for students. 

The benefits to participating in the Cambridge Scholars program are numerous, especially if the course topic in a given year is of substantial interest to the student.  Some additional benefits to students participating in the program include gaining a better understanding of British education in general and the education system at Cambridge in particular.  Many program alumni have gone on to later apply for graduate school at the University of Cambridge and many have been successful.

Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment, call 405-744-7313, or drop by our office at 334 Student Union to discuss your potential participation in the Cambridge Scholars program.

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