Freshman Research Scholars

2016-17 Freshman Research Scholars

Sixty incoming Oklahoma State University freshmen from 7 states and representing 28 majors from all undergraduate colleges will each receive a $1,000 scholarship to pursue an early, hands-on introduction to university-level research in the Freshman Research Scholars (FRS) program.

Freshman Research Scholars program introduces students to research basics

Sixty incoming Oklahoma State University freshmen from nine states representing 33 majors from all undergraduate colleges will each receive a $1,000 scholarship to pursue an early, hands-on introduction to university-level research in the Freshman Research Scholars (FRS) program during the upcoming academic year.

Current Freshman Research Scholars

Jolene Addington Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Reagan Anderson Arts & Sciences  
Gabhriel Barber Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Erica Besch Spears School of Business
Cheyenne Bird Arts & Sciences  
Brooke Blackstock Education, Health & Aviation
Rio Bonham Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Carrington Borens Arts & Sciences  
Madisen Brown Arts & Sciences  
Alyssa Brown Education, Health & Aviation
Presley Burch Arts & Sciences  
Lauren Burgess Arts & Sciences  
Daxton Butler Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Jerret Carpenter Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Torie Cayton University College
Jonathan Chacko Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Kaylee Christensen Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Celes Cost Arts & Sciences  
Leslie Covington Education, Health & Aviation
Rachel Crittell Arts & Sciences  
Cody Cummins Human Sciences  
Coleman Curtsinger Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Kassidy Diel Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
John Dorlon Arts & Sciences  
Roger Dunham Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Britney Dunlap Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Hayden Dupire Arts & Sciences  
Cozette Dyer Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Margaret English Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Ashlyn Enright Arts & Sciences  
Mary Erdmann Arts & Sciences  
Rylie Farr Engineering, Architecture & Technology
John Fox Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Joseph Francis Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Phylip Trent Gibbs Arts & Sciences  
Grace Gunderson Spears School of Business
Cory Hancock Spears School of Business
Kyle Hargrove Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Sophie Harston Arts & Sciences  
Taylor Hatheway Education, Health & Aviation
Alyssa Hickerson Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Molly Hoback Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Coleman Honea Education, Health & Aviation
Easton Horton Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Hulen Howard Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Madeline Hulsing Arts & Sciences  
Emily Sloane  Johnston Engineering, Architecture & Technology
MacKenzie Jones Human Sciences  
Elizabeth Kent Arts & Sciences  
Bree Kisling Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Blake Koss Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Kate Kouplen Arts & Sciences  
Rebecca Lindley Arts & Sciences  
Matthew Linna Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Jada Lusk Arts & Sciences  
Caitlin Mantooth Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Molly McClure Arts & Sciences  
Anna Riley McIntosh Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Nathan Mears Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Liesl Melnick Arts & Sciences  
Lela Merkel Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Lauren Millis Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Aidan Moore Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Lauren Murray Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Audrey Ochsner Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Isabella Onofrio Arts & Sciences  
Bryce Palmer Human Sciences  
Mary Parnell Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Rebecca Pegram Arts & Sciences  
Jeremiah Pete Arts & Sciences  
Abigail Pope Education, Health & Aviation
Kallie Quintero Arts & Sciences  
Alyssa Regier Arts & Sciences  
Tatum Richardson Arts & Sciences  
Natalee Richardson Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Seth Robbins Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Lydia Rockers Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Carson Scantling Arts & Sciences  
Nicholas Scialdone Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Mackenzie Shaw Arts & Sciences  
Jacob Shepherd Arts & Sciences  
Zoe Siebert Arts & Sciences  
Blake Skoch Arts & Sciences  
Jake Southerland Arts & Sciences, formerly CASNR 
Michael St. Clair Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Grace Stoops Arts & Sciences  
Abby Thrash Arts & Sciences  
Kathryn Tierney Arts & Sciences  
Eleni Tsaras Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Bryson Wagner Arts & Sciences  
Joshua Weertman Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Karley White Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Nathan Wickham Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Aubrey Wolfe Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Aimee Zimmerman Arts & Sciences  


Prospective Freshman Researchers

Freshman Research Scholars Marketing ImageThe Freshman Research Scholars program at Oklahoma State University provides an opportunity for bright, ambitious students to extend their education beyond the classroom by engaging in cutting-edge research under the guidance of innovative faculty researchers.

OSU Welcomes 60 to the Freshman Research Scholars Program

Sixty incoming Oklahoma State University freshmen from 10 states have each received a $1,000 scholarship to pursue an early, hands-on introduction to university-level research this year. Representing 33 majors from aerospace engineering to zoology, the students will participate in the Freshman Research Scholars (FRS) program which has been recognized by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for excellence in undergraduate research programming.