Current Freshman Researchers

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FRS | Final Assessment

FRS | Program Evaluation

The final Program Evaluation will be due April 24, 2020, one week after the Research Symposium.

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FRS | Contacts

Ms. Latasha Tasci,  Undergraduate Research Coordinator, 744-7313, 334 Student Union

Ms. Jessica Sullins,  Director of Scholar Development, 744-7313, 334 Student Union

FRS | Mentor Agreement

Thank you for your willingness to mentor a Freshman Research Scholar. Once the student completes their Progress Report (due November 15, 2019) you will receive an email with a link and password to access the Mentor Agreement, which we ask you to complete by November 22, 2019. 

FRS | First Contact


FRS | Requirements

F   A   L   L

($500 – Beginning of Fall Semester)


FRS | Schedule

F  A  L  L    2  0  1  9

INTRODUCTORY MEETING | August 28 4:00 PM, August 29 5:00 PM (201 Old Central)

All current Freshman Research Scholars will gather to socialize and learn about important program requirements and guidelines. Former FRS will share their experiences with undergraduate research and offer strategies for successfully conducting projects.  

This is a mandatory event for all FRS scholarship recipients.