Application Resources

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Writers' Workshop at the Doel Reed Center for the Arts

All successful applicants who are awarded with OSU institutional nomination for the Truman, Goldwater, and Udall will receive an invitation to participate in the annual Writers’ Workshop at the OSU Doel Reed Center for the Arts in Taos, NM. 

Planning to Apply

The Scholar Development office has the experience to help you plan and organize your scholarship application, so your first step should be to contact us well in advance of the deadline.  Some scholarships can take months or years to prepare effectively, so it is imperative to seek advice as soon as possible.

Preparing for an Interview

Many scholarship competitions require interviews, such as the Marshall and Truman, so here are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Writing Essays

Requesting Letters

Most scholarship applications required at least one letter of recommendation, so it is important to know how to approach professors, advisors, bosses, and others to write a letter.

Choosing Your Letter Writers

If you have developed significant relationships with several individuals, you will need to decide who to ask for letters. Knowing how to ask for them in a professional manner will increase your chances of receiving a carefully considered letter.