Writing a Research Proposal

Requirements are that it be conceived and written by the student, can achieve meaningful results within one academic year (fall and spring semesters), explains the "what", "how", "why", and is one single-spaced page typed in 10+ point font. It can include diagrams, graphs, charts or images, but does not have to. It can also include references formatted according to the disciplinary mode of citation.   

Otherwise there is no set format for a Wentz Research Proposal.

Note: PROPOSALS MUST NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION, such as the student's, mentor's, graduate assistant's, research team's or lab's name, to ensure the integrity of the blind review process.

Examples of Successful Wentz Research Grant Proposals

A robotic exoskeleton for upper-extremity assistance

Effect of Dried Plum and Blueberry Extracts on Inflammatory Gene Expression

Effects of Bacteriocins on Shelf Life of Ground Beef

Genetic Variability in ZIP12, a Candidate Gene for Neurological Disorders

Mathematical Modeling of Kidney Cells in Diabetic Conditions

Probing the impact of particle wetting on hydrate formation for flow assurance application

The Role of Molluscan Insulin-Related Peptides in Regulating the Phenotypic Plasticity and Response to Predators in Snails

Explornig Viability of Harvesting Vibrational Energy from Trees

Interaction Between Chlamydia trachomatis and the Host Cell