Cowboy Scholars Society

Oklahoma State University has before it an opportunity to forge both the spirit and mechanics that will drive forward the modern land-grant university. Our commitment to students does not end with expanding access to higher education and providing resources to prepare them as future members of the workforce. Instead, our commitment reaches far beyond as we strive to represent Oklahoma as the state’s internationally recognized research institution.

Seizing this leadership opportunity is certainly no small feat. Our commitment to providing students opportunities they cannot find elsewhere is evident. For over 25 years, our advances in scholar development and undergraduate research at OSU have been nothing short of phenomenal. The bedrock for continued success, despite the increasingly competitive world that our students find themselves in, will stabilize us for years to come. However, we must not become complacent in our stability. With hard work and dedication from dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals, OSU will become the nation’s premier institution for unique and lasting scholar development and undergraduate research opportunities.

The Henry Bellmon Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research has a unique role in understanding and defining the modern future of the land-grant university. This charge calls for continued evaluation of the office’s vision and mission.  We invite you, as an alumnus or friend, to join our newly formed Cowboy Scholars Society, tasked with broadening OSU’s growing reputation as a top school for undergraduates who wish to develop their academic abilities in exceptional ways, increasing the national and international visibility of the university.