FRS | Welcome, 2019-20

Congratulations on your selection to the Freshman Research Scholars Program (FRS) and welcome to your first chance to engage in research at Oklahoma State University! I hope this early introduction to university research will both challenge and inspire you. Throughout the year you will have the unique opportunity to meet like-minded scholars and learn from the most innovative researchers on campus. Your experience and some requirements may vary by college, but the general requirements are outlined here.

During the fall semester you will be asked to find a faculty member to serve as your mentor. Your mentor will guide you through the research process and provide you the chance to get involved with a research project. Near the end of the fall semester you are required to submit a Progress Report (DEADLINE: Nov. 15, 2019) in which you will be asked to provide an overview of your fall experience and summarize your plans for the spring. Your mentor will need to confirm the arrangement by submitting a Mentor Agreement (DEADLINE: Nov. 22, 2019).

In the spring semester you will be required to present the results of your research at the Freshman Research Scholars Symposium the afternoon of Friday, April 17, 2020 and submit a final Program Evaluation (DEADLINE: April 24, 2020).

Throughout the year, you will attend a few meetings to introduce you to various aspects of the research process. If you cannot attend an event/meeting due to a verifiable scheduling conflict, you should arrange a meeting with me or your college coordinator. Events will be added to the calendar as details are set. Additionally, I plan to meet with FRS individually in the spring semester to touch base and hear how your experience is going. I will email you a link to schedule your appointments with me at a time that works best for you. Please check your OSU email regularly for important notices and updates. 

As a researcher at Oklahoma State University, you are asked to complete an online tutorial in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), and if your research involves human subjects, submit your research plan to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for research compliance. If you have any questions about required training, consult your faculty mentor or contact me.

As a FRS you will have the distinct advantage of an early introduction to university research. OSU has many opportunities available for undergraduates to engage in research beyond FRS, such as the Wentz ($4,500 grants), Niblack ($8,000 scholarships) and McNair Scholars programs, so I hope you consider this your first step in a long journey of discovery.

Additional resources are available at

Again, congratulations and welcome. I hope your experience in FRS will inspire you to continue your development as an innovative scholar. If you have any questions please contact the Office of Scholar Development or your college coordinator.