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Lew Wentz Research Project Awards

The Lew Wentz Foundation and OSU provide support for the nationally recognized Wentz Research Project awards. Each year, $4,500 one-year research projects awards are given to approximately 40 undergraduate student scholars to conduct independent research with the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Wentz Day 2009 Video

Sample Wentz Research Projects 2009-2010

  • Backoulou, Christie - Impact of Iron in Reaching Optimal Bone Health in Adulthood
    - Mentor: Stephen Clarke

  • Beier, John - Interference in Wireless Communication
    - Mentor: George Scheets

  • Biswas, David - A Parametric Human Shape Model for 3D Motion Animation
    - Mentor: Gouliang Fan

  • Burrus, Josh - The Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on Natural Streams
    - Mentor: Anna Cruse

  • Campbell, Lindsey - Characterizing a Novel Drug Delivery System for the Eye
    - Mentor: Heather Fahlenkamp

  • Cloud, John - The Signaling Role of Calcium in P.Aeruginosa Biofilm Formation
    - Mentor: Marianna Patrauchan 

  • Colom, Lauren - Characterizing Novel Sieve Element Portein
    - Mentor: Gary Thompson

  • Cook, James - Identification of a Water Source in an 18th Century Wichita Village
    - Mentor: Brian Carter

  • Curtis, Jessica - Sport Identification: A Comparison
    - Mentor: Ed Burkley

  • Eldridge, Elizabeth - The Effect of Past Eating Disorders on the Gastrointestinal System
    - Mentor: Jared Dempsey

  • Gessel, Ana - The Role of Vasopressin in Male Aspects of Mammal Monogamy
    - Mentor: Alexander Ophir

  • Gibbons, Trevor - Zinc Status and the Relationships to Acne
    - Mentor: Stephen Clarke

  • Grischkowsky, Stephanie - Restoration of the Great Plains Following Invasion by Old World Bluestem
    - Mentor: Gail Wilson

  • Hermanski, Suzanne - The Effects of Distillers Grain on Swine Intestinal Bacteria
    - Mentor: Udaya DeSilva

  • Hill, Jeremy - Development and Investigation of Inflatable Structures for Space Habitat
    - Mentor: Jamey Jacob

  • Jacobs, Leslie - Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, and Radical Possibilities in 1790 Britain
    - Mentor: Martin Wallen

  • Jarrett, Ellen - Platelet and Endothelial Cell Responses to Aerogel for Its Use in Vivo
    - Mentor: David Rubenstein

  • Jordan, Ryan - Investigating the Kalaye Lineament, Zambia: a Developing Transfer Fault
    - Mentor: Estella Atkawana

  • Krull, Stefanie - William Wilberforce's Friendships in Light of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics
    - Mentor: Steve Harrist

  • Kupgan, Grit - Molybdenum and Tungsten Hydrogen Bronze Films for Dectection of Improvised Explosives
    - Mentor: Nicholas Maturer

  • Langley, Dillon - Analysis of the Coxiella Burnetti Type IV Secretion System During Infection
    - Mentor: Edward Shaw

  • Lee, Eric - Synthesis of Analogs of Ciprofloxacin
    - Mentor: Richard Bunce

  • Lovett, David - Smoking Pleasure and Depression: A Physiological Assessent
    - Mentor: Jared Dempsey

  • Miller, Alyssa - Using Stress Theory to Explore Relationship SatisfactionBetween Adults and Their Non-Custodial Parent
    - Mentor: Charles Hendrix

  • Morton, Blake - Effects of Glycated Serum Albumin on Blood Platelet Activation and Aggregation
    - Mentor: David Rubenstein

  • Nelson, Mark - Translating a Classic of Soviet Science Fiction
    - Mentor: Keith Tribble

  • Nottingham, Braxton - Regulation of Spindle Positioning by Phosphorylation
    - Mentor: Rita Miller

  • Oppel, Sarah - Open Heart Surgery at the Molecular Level
    - Mentor: Robert Burnap

  • O'Sullivan, Kathleen - Walking in Two Worlds: Native American Youth and Violence
    - Mentor: Jean Van Delinder

  • Patterson, Katelyn - Microbial Origin of Histiocytomas in Canines
    - Mentor: Udaya DeSilva

  • Perk, Timothy - Microfluidic Infrared Microspectroscopy of Protein Structural Dynamics
    - Mentor: Aihua Xie

  • Scott, Kathleen - Is Parasite Load Related to Stress Levels in Captive Eagles?
    - Mentor: Andrew Dzialowski

  • Sluch, Valentin - Studies of the FN III Domain of Midline-1, Protein Involved with Opitz Syndrome
    - Mentor: Michael Massiah

  • Tripp, Holt - Intrauterine Growth Retardation and Endocrine Regulation of the Calf
    - Mentor: Robert Wetteman

  • Troxell, Amanda - Nutritional Status and Immune Function in Bovine
    - Mentor: Clinton Krehbiel

  • Van Arsdale, Aaron - Virtual Panoramic Tourism- Increasing Viewer Satisfaction Through Immersion
    - Mentor: Nicholas Romano

  • Vasquez, Markus - Symmetric Operations of Hypersolids
    - Mentor: Lisa Mantini

  • Vera, Maria - Injectable Hydrogel
    - Mentor: Sundararajan Madihally

  • Yearwood, Connie - Detection of Genetic Markers Affecting Milk Production in Sheep
    - Mentor: Raluca Mateescu





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